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The American Revolution

The American Revolution is a cultural analysis of the Founding of American. This was a 200 year process 1607-1801. The cultural footings of America were laid within that period. And that determined the cultural edifice that we live in today.


A cultural analysis addresses the habits of the hearts, minds, and action of those who first settled America. They set the historical and cultural trajectory for our nation. The book has two parts: the larger part focuses on the aforementioned, the smaller section was written and dedicated to a group of children.


The Soul of America: 
Essays on the 4th of July

Given the culture wars during the past decades, one can ask a few vital questions: What actually holds Americans together? What does it mean to be an American in the first place? Is America really that polarized?


The Soul of America addresses these points and more. The simple, yet also not-so-simple answer is embedded in yet one more question: “If Americans no longer believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address, can America continue to exist?”


The major proposition of this work is that America consists in a set of beliefs—truths—that bind us together. It's what makes us Americans. And without that belief, no Constitution, no laws, except the point of a sword, can keep us together.


ISBN-13: 9781441513229

The Adversity Challenge 

Based on a series of comprehensive interviews with senior business and organizational leaders, The Adversity Challenge explores how experienced leaders reframe adversity into springboards to success. What emerges is a powerful and revealing glimpse of how success is often shaped through setbacks, disappointments, and roadblocks. The book argues that the rebound attitude is critical for contemporary leaders facing a turbulent business climate.


The Adversity Challenge is first and foremost a practical guide. The book helps managers and leaders recognize and confront the inevitability of adversity, and it offers specific suggestions on how they can grow from the tests of adversity. The book outlines how leaders generate the rebound attitude throughout their organizations, building corporate cultures that embrace organizational resilience.


The message of The Adversity Challenge is inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging. The insights and suggestions speak directly to leaders at all levels. Moreover, the message is a wonderful statement of resilience and courage in the face of the realities of life.


ISBN-13: 978-8179925843

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The Soul of America
The American Revolution
The Adversity Challenge
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